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High Speed Web Hosting Services in Buffalo

A necessary evil of having a website is the requirement of utilizing a web hosting service. In order for a website to be viewable via the web, the website needs to be hosted on a remote server somewhere. There are many great choices for that service. We offer (exclusively to our design clients) access to our high speed Linux server located in the center of Downtown Buffalo.

Centrally located in the heart of our customer base, we are able to provide excellent launch speeds with great stability. Our uptime on these servers monthly exceeds 99.99%.

Feature Rich Web Hosting, Powered by CPanel

We do offer web hosting packages with more features than our clients need, but our focus is on speed and security to ensure an always-on, always-fast web hosting and email service that our clients can rely on.

  • Fully Co-Managed, with access to a CPanel powered control panel. This is mobile friendly.
  • Linux based CentOS 64-bitweb server using less than 25% of its capacity.
  • Self-Manage your email accounts via CPanel, including mailboxes, forwarders and MX Records
  • Access your email from anywhere with our 3 Webmail platforms.
  • Manage your website using the File Manager feature in CPanel.
  • Unlimited MySQL, MySQLi and PostgreSQL Databases.
  • Automatic Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups.
  • Extend your web hosting service to include use of our AWS S3 Content Delivery Network.

We Support Use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We actually have a service relationship with Amazon Web Services, and utilize their cloud platform to act as both a CDN for large and static files, as well as the housing servers for our daily, weekly and monthly website backups.

Our web hosting packages are solely intended for use by web development clients.

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