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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The impact that social media has on your business has magnified tremendously since 2011. The activity of your social media profiles, the way it is integrated within your website, and the frequency of which your website data is naturally shared via social media all have tremendous impact on your websites' performance with search engines.

At First Page Media, we can help you manage the three headed monster that greatly influences your business and its online presence. Regardless of the target, be it geo, age, gender, or specific interests, the major platforms can help address them directly. Unlike an aggressive Google campaign, budgets can be very small for these campaigns yet yield great rewards.

Paid Advertising in Facebook and Other Social Platforms

Naturally building a social media following is a very slow and gradual process, however, much like in the scenario of Organic SEO versus PPC Advertising, paid ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can greatly increase exposure and increase a fanbase in a very target, precise, trackable and affordable manner. These three major platforms have a well established platform for advertisers, with a great track record of success - depending on your vertical and target customer.

Social Media Website Integration

To truly succeed with promoting your website via social media, you first should have the website prepared for the task. Infusing the proper meta tags, such as Open Graph, which affects how the page appears when shared. Integration of codes make it substantially easier for users to share your content naturally. A few on-site maintenance items to review are:

  • Implementation of Open Graph for all or specific pages.
  • Social Sharing integration of major social media websites.
  • Addition of Widgets from social media websites.

Social Media Profile Establishment

The other vital portion of truly participating in Social Media is to physically have profiles. These profiles will need some special care, typically some custom graphics, and great care put into the entry of data into fields to ensure accuracy, reputation, and exposure. Clearly a presence on the major networks is vital, but certainly shouldn't be limited to just Facebook and Twitter. Every industry is different, and we can help! We offer a service to not only Create Your Profile, but also manage them with our newest product, Hootsuite, Managed

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We are ready and able to take on the challenges that your business or project require. Everything we work on is an opportunity to grow and learn. Let's get together and make something great happen for you! Our support team is ready 24/7/359. What are you waiting for? Start off with your SMM Campaign Consultation today!

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