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Responsive Web Design: One Site for All Devices

Having a website for your business is essential, and it simply must be geared towards serving users on multiple devices. A majority of visits to most websites is done from a mobile device, but traditional laptops or PC's are still very much prominent. Serving all website visitors with one design can reduce development costs, reduce management costs and ensure a strong marketing funnel exists within one digital property.

We build every one of our responsive websites with the objective of loading quickly and with optimized content for mobile, tablets and traditional devices to ensure a rich and appropriate user experience is delivered.

Build Responsively: How It Works

Responsive design and development concepts revolve around the idea of a singular website that will alter its appearance based on the size of the screen viewing it. Different devices have different screen sizes in pixels, and the website can present itself differently depending on the pixel width. If the screen size is 600 pixels, much like an iPad or Tablet would be, the layout shifts to show different portions of the website in pre-set order (or not at all) and font sizes. Even more useful, on a mobile device, wether a Android, iPhone, iPod, will resolve a different layout.

The benefit to the website owner is that content is always the same - no need for a different website, or even a mobile app. Plus, Google and Bing absolutely favor a website that is cross-browser and multi-device enabled.

Let's Get Started with Your Responsive Website

The web development project team at First Page Media will lead you every step of the way, from initial consultation to and through the launch of your new responsive website and beyond. What are you waiting for? Start off with your free responsive website consultation today!

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