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Custom Landing Page Design for Any Purpose

A great website is built for both the customer and the search engines, however, there are many instances where a custom built single web page is needed to capture an action. A landing page, by definition, is a single web page built to convert. That could be defined as a single page website.

In it's most simple definition, it is a single page built within an existing website with the specific purpose of collecting data, selling a product, generating leads, or enticing phone calls.

Landing Pages Drive Leads

A Landing Page is typically tied to a marketing campaign of some sorts. Most commonly, this is used with a Search Enging Marketing campaign, Social Media campaign or an Email Marketing campaign. This also works with direct mail promotions.

  • Custom destination for a Google or Bing campaign to boost Quality Score
  • One-page product or service sales page
  • Email (short-tail) data collection page
  • Customer Lead (long-tail) data collection page
  • Newsletter registration page
  • Contest or give-away registration page
  • In the Grey-Hat Local SEO realm, building custom landing pages for various townships to grab those local searches.

Start Optimizing Your Campaigns with Custom Landing Pages

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