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We consider ourselves to be a full-service provider of all aspects of a web presence. A website used to just be a digital brochure - now a website acts as a central hub to a complex marketing strategy. We are capable of intelligently assisting our clients in development of their online marketing strategy.

We have the skills, experience, resources and knowledge to establish your highly functional website which provides you with a boost in business and quantifies its existence.

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Every project gets customized to fit the specifications set forth by the client, and is built with Responsive standards to load on every device flawlessly.

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Customers enjoy the luxury of an always present Client Portal for management of their account and easy access to support and our knowledgebase of information..


Maintenance to our 'live' websites is just a request away using the Client Portal, as well as direct communication with your dedicated Project Manager.


Pooling the data from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and other resources, we can produce a highly comprehensive analytics report loaded with vital KPIs.

Our Digital Marketing Services

A few of the great things we do to help you succeed!

Our team can build your business a custom, responsive website using straight HTML or utilize any of the popular CMS systems available.

Being on the web is a great start for validating business, but our SEO practices can get your business found on the internet by customers.

A strong SEO strategy takes time to develop, but an effective PPC Campaign can drive revenues quickly and efficiently when properly managed.

Our web servers are locally managed right here in Buffalo for maximum speed, performance and load times for your local target audience.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming large contributors to paid traffic sources, and we can help you earn those leads.

Using the power of HootSuite, our team can ensure your social media profiles are properly built and always have great shared content and posts.

Our website is responsible for 81% of our sales volume last year, and turned a 3,400% ROI last calendar year. I challenge you to find a better business invenstment than First Page Media.


Kid, I don't know how you do it, but we are killing it in our organic results on Google. We dominate our local market, and my customers tell me they chose us because of our website.

JOE (Premier Outdoor Services)

Our website generated a lead within 3 days of launching which covered the entire investment into the actual web project. It literally paid for itself within 72 hours, and then some.

ELLEN (J Gardner and Sons Asphalt Construction)

We Blog. Occasionally.

Some of our latest or most popular blogs.

October 3, 2017  / Christopher Papa

Your website is by no means a static arm of your business. It should be considered to be a fluid, functioning mechanism of your entire digital marketing strategy. The month of October, 2017 is substantial in that there are landmark events (deadlines) to get some key benchmarks updated.

July 23, 2017 / Christopher Papa

I get asked often by clients if they should participate in PPC Campaigns on Google and in just about every instance I would say a resounding yes.

December 21, 2016 / Christopher Papa

The very first thing you must wrap your head around is that social media presence has a hand in multiple aspects of your business exposure online.

September 24, 2014 / Christopher Papa

The internet, particularly (and ironically) Facebook, is ablaze with those swearing off use and uninstalling Facebook's Messenger application.

Are you ready to lead your business to a journey of Digital Marketing bliss?