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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Not to be confused with SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the Pay Per Click platform of website marketing - truly, it is advertising. While this process works completely the opposite way that SEO does, the two can work together flawlessly.

The beautiful thing about Pay Per Click (PPC) is that it can provide instant gratification. You can earn your way to the top spot on Google and Bing within minutes of creating your ad. However, this can also become very expensive if not managed properly and why it is highly recommended this be handled professionally.

Google Adwords Campaign Management

Creating a Google campaign is like building a race car. It has the potential to really fly, but it needs to be harnessed, controlled, and steered in the right direction at every turn. Google has built a beautiful and simple interface so nearly anyone can build a campaign for their business. That said, not everyone can create a cost effective campaign.

In addition to, the ads run for Google can appear in other places on their network, such as YouTube, their Display Network, and other Google properties.

Bing Ads Campaign Management

While Google holds a majority on global searches, The Bing (and Yahoo) network is certainly catching up, and holds a very large part of the pizza for search. Its relative standing in the industry also makes Bing very affordable due to less competition. For new campaigns, it is good practice to build a campaign and run it in Bing prior to launching it in Google. This will help identify strengths and weaknesses, establish negative keywords, and more. Also - it works! The Bing Ads Certified staff at First Page Media can cater a great campaign just for your business.

Before the PPC Campaign Comes On-Site Preparation

Prior to launching a campaign, best practices suggest laying out specific objectives, creating web pages catered to executing those objectives, and be ready to perform some A/B testing once live. Relevant landing pages can substantially impact the performance of a campaign while reducing the overall cost of each click thanks to a high Quality Score.

In addition to the website preparation, adjusting Google Analytics is key to measuring success.

Some Additional and Effective Pay Per Click Strategies

There are many other methods of Pay Per Click we can assist you with, either fully or partially managed, or on an advisory basis.

  • Retarget Marketing via AdRoll
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Advertising
  • Tier 2 Pay-Per-Click advertising

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There are many other methods of Pay Per Click we can assist you with, either fully or partially managed, or on an advisory basis. Our support team is ready 24/7/359. What are you waiting for? Start off with your SEM Campaign Consultation today!

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