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Gigs With First Page Media

Our business grows each and every fiscal quarter, and while we do not operate out of a set facility, our worldwide team of specialists do communicate with great effectiveness and are capable of delivering our projects on time. However, as our workload grows, our need to have skilled team members in place to deliver is vital. If you have the interest and skill set to join our team, please contact Chris Papa via email.

Web Content Writer

We are looking for experienced web content writers able to work on a per-contract basis to work within website development projects. The ideal candidate would be based i nthe US (preferably East Coast) and able to communicate with clients professionally.

Graphic Designer

We are seeking an experienced graphic design specialists, capable of producing logo/branding kits as well as print-ready graphics. This position can be global, however fluent English communications is a desired trait.

Drupal Contractor

We are seeking an experienced Drupal contractor, available for initial development of projects as needed and maintenance of launched projects. This position is sourced globally, however proficiency in English is required.

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