The main focus of any landscaping company is high-quality work – I mean, what better piece of marketing is the word of mouth from amazing work? That said, word of mouth has a maximum and unmeasurable reach. Stretching out your marketing in avenues such as the Digital Marketing area is not only measurable but highly profitable and sometimes feels unlimited.

There are certain bullet-points that your website needs to hit to maximize your opportunities for revenue.

Contemporary, Technically Sound, Professionally Built Website

First, your website should be a technically sound, mobile friendly (responsive) website that showcases both your amazing completed work and your full range of services. This is an important combination for multiple reasons. Most obviously, visitors will make decisions based on your work and range of services. Showing you can do what they need, and do it well – that equates to an opportunity. Also, Google is an “answer engine”, and if your website is technically sound, loads fast, and has all the great content the users are looking for, you’ll rank very well!

Socially Enabled, Actively Updated, and Visually Beautiful

Next, your website and social media presence must be intertwined and active. From a website perspective, content should be added regularly. Be that just new pictures, or maybe a news section is added, keeping the experience fresh is important. It shows Google and visitors that things are happening.  Socially, that is even more emphasized. There is a delicate balance of useful information and inundated with nonsense that should be experimented with. Typically, one or two text-based posts a week, with the spattering of excellent imagery is very engaging and impactful. The final phase of this is melding the two together. Showing posts using a digital card on your website, or linking from social to your website… that’s the key.

Always Be Selling

A third, and often forgotten, is selling to your customers. There are a few ways to do this, but email marketing is arguably the most effective. There are multiple means to make this work. Some are quick turnarounds, and some are the long sell. Doing an amazing landscaping project for Mrs. Jones in February is great, and it will earn you some referrals right away, but keeping your business in her inbox monthly will not only likely land you future business with her, but you’re extending that referral window indefinitely. You also open yourself up to up-sells from current customers, and again, referrals. Excess mulch on hand? Want to push for some spring clean-ups? Was there a storm and customers need emergency cleanups or plowing? There are so many stones left unturned, and email marketing can seal the deal on them.

Transacting Payments for Revenue Realization

The fourth and almost final thing is collecting payments. Yes. Your website can do that. I speak with landscapers all the time, and one hurdle that is consistent is the invoice collection process. Checks may or may not be in the mail, but if your customers can visit your website and pay online securely, your revenue realization is instantly expedited and risk of returned checks is instantly diminished.

Costs Versus Staffing

The fact is, digital marketing is the absolute only measurable marketing that can be done, it costs far less than a single employee, and it will drive revenues far beyond its cost.  For a consultation on how LawnWebby by First Page Media can deliver on this 4 (and more) items, just ask for a free consultation by emailing, or call 716-817-0419.