If I told you that spending $6,000 could make you $50,000, you’d think I was a Nigerian Prince pulling a scam. The fact is, that is how marketing works – and these numbers aren’t invented, but that’s the floor.

Our most successful landscape company clients spend about $500 per month in digital marketing and enjoy a large ROI. We ask if they felt they’ve earned over $50,000 in revenue from web-based leads.

The answer is a resounding YES.

Digital Marketing Costs, In Perspective

How many contracts would you need to land to pay back $6,000 in a year? One landscape project – maybe two? How many mowing contracts? Whatever it is, you’ll earn back much more than you’re investing over the long term. We’ve had a client earn back 200% of their website and annual marketing investment in the first 3 days their website being online.

This article isn’t meant to be about ROI, or costs of digital marketing, however. The article is about scalability. What does that mean, and how does scale impact your landscaping company?

Staying In The Green, Skirting The Red

First, let’s look from the floor, up. If you’re a small company, you know what your minimums are. You know what you need in a month to stay in business, and how much recurring and new revenue you need. You also probably know that you need to close a very high percentage of your leads. That includes under-bidding on quality projects and taking toxic projects in because you can’t say no to revenue generating opportunities. This is a tough loop to break. High-quality work is the foundation of that solution, but digital marketing can help dig you out. That type of business model can be tiring. Large amounts of small projects are taxing on equipment, people and administratively can be a nightmare.

Landscaping Your Way Up Growth Curve, Digitally

From the other side of the spectrum is the large company looking to continue growth. Getting your business a consistent stream of quality large residential and commercial projects, your business can continue to have the volume of leads that allows you to avoid high-risk projects, improve your service area cluster, and position your company to always work on projects where you can showcase your skills and obtain the best ROI possible. A lower quantity of project work but for more revenue is the objective, right?

More Landscaping Leads is Indeed, Better!

More leads can solve almost any dilemma regarding scale. LawnWebby by First Page Media can help deliver that. With manageable costs and no surprises, we can help you earn leads to grow your lead volume. To learn more, email us at hello@lawnwebby.com or call 716-817-0419.